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Building partnership

Building partnership!


Building partnership!



What do we support?

Priority axis 1: Nature & Culture

The aim of the priority is to increase the attractiveness of the border area by conserving, protecting, promoting and developing natural and cultural heritage.

Types of actions to be supported under the priority:

  • Supporting the cooperation and development of cultural heritage sites;
  • Maintaining and promoting natural heritage in the programme area;
  • Design cross border action plans, set up models and test pilot actions to better capitalize the regions cultural and natural heritage and to combine tourism with the promotion and protection of the regions natural and cultural heritage by performing creative and artistic actions;
  • Design and construction of local access roads linked to sites of cultural and natural heritage, preparation and construction of cross-border road infrastructure;
  •  Joint development of environmentally friendly tourism products and offers and development of cross border infrastructure for eco-tourism;
  •  In case of activities related to road constructions passive noise reduction solutions.

The available total budget for this action is: 65 209 186 EUR

Priority axis 2: Enhancing cross-border mobility

The priority concentrates on   increasing the density between border crossing points along the Slovak-Hungarian border by connecting secondary and tertiary nodes to TEN-T infrastructure, including multimodal nodes and to improving cross-border public transport/logistic services by developing and improving environment-friendly and low-carbon transport systems in order to promote sustainable regional and local mobility.

Types of actions to be supported:

  • Preparation of investments: elaboration of studies, analyses, feasibility studies, technical plans, purchase of permissions;
  • Construction of cross-border roads, bridges and ferries and infrastructure, including passive noise reduction solutions with clear and direct link to the TEN-T network.
  • Preparation of investments: elaboration of studies, analyses, concepts; elaboration of recommendations concerning legal-administrative bottlenecks hampering cross-border mobility;
  •  Development of cross-border intelligent transport systems (ITS), passenger information systems, on-line schedules, e-ticketing, mobile apps, common tariff systems;
  • Development and integration of cross-border public transport services, establishing transport associations;

The available total budget for this action is: 40 715 389 EUR

Priority axis 3: Promoting sustainable and quality employment

The priority focuses on decreasing employment inequalities among the regions in order to improve the level of employment within the programming region by integrating cross-border labour markets, including cross-border mobility, joint local employment initiatives, information and advisory services and joint training.

Types of actions to be supported under the priority:

  • Targeted actions strengthening employment by the development of products and services based on local potential;
  • Initiatives and services aimed at improving cross-border labour mobility;
  • Infrastructural investments contributing to modernization, structural transformation and sustainable development of specific areas and resulting in measurable improvement in terms of labour mobility;
  • Launching and implementation of joint integrated cross-border employment initiatives;
  • Establishment of business services promoting employment and the creation of infrastructural conditions;
  • Joint education and training programmes;
  • Setting up and operation of a supportive management function for the term of the implementation of the action plan, for fulfilling the tasks of the common management, coordination of the projects, outreach the disadvantaged groups, preparation and update of the action plans, elaboration of reports and perform communication activities.

The available total budget for this action is: 40 715 389 EUR

Priority axis 4: Enhancing cross-border cooperation of public authorities and people living in the border area

The priority concentrates on improving the level of cross border inter-institutional cooperation and broadening cross border cooperation between citizens by promoting legal and administrative cooperation and cooperation between citizens and institutions.

Types of actions to be supported under the priority:

  • Strengthening and improving the cooperation capacity and the cooperation efficiency between different organisations of particular sectors through common professional programmes, trainings, exchange of experiences, capitalisation and know-how transfer;
  • Support of activities focusing on the improvement of cross-border services provided jointly, development of small infrastructure necessary for joint service provision;
  • Launching and strengthening sustainable cross-border cooperation between citizens from both sides of the border and to strengthen social cohesion of the programming area resulting in improved cross-border services.

The available total budget for this action is: 25 666 448 EUR